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KlineStudios - Free Drawing Lessons For Beginners

About the Art Instructor: John C. Kline
John graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia in 1994, and has been working as a professional artist ever since. Although Kline's main focus is oil painting of people in everyday situations using unusual perspectives. He understands that drawing is core of creating two dimensional art works. For this reason, Kline has compiled the series of drawing lesson videos below to give the beginner a core beginning to enhance any 2 dimensional works and mediums you may pursue, from painting, charcoals and pastels to printmaking and of coarse, drawing.

Learn to Draw Online with Instructor John C. Kline | View John's Resume

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Our free online drawing lessons for beginners are geared to any age from young children and kids, to teenagers and adults.
Drawing Lesson 1Drawing Lesson 5
Drawing Lesson 2Drawing Lesson 6
Drawing Lesson 3Drawing Lesson 7
Drawing Lesson 4Drawing Lesson 8-A
Drawing Lesson 8-BDrawing Lesson 12
Drawing Lesson 9Drawing Lesson 13
Drawing Lesson 10Drawing Lesson 14
Drawing Lesson 11Speed Drawing Videos
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